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Welcome to Triple Trees care home website;

We have tried to pack it full of useful information to help you decide if our home
is a place you yourself would like to stayor if it might be a place for you to send a
loved one.

Either way, there is a lot going on here at Triple trees and we just wanted to give
you a gimps in to some of it.

So please feel free to have a look around, check out some of our image galleries,
and have a read through some of our activities which we provide on a daily
basis. Looking at some of the picutes within the site, some of them can be
hovered over to find some more information about the picute, with links to other
sites providing subject information, these will open a new window so you won't
loose where you are, so all you need to do is close the window once you have
finished reading the information provided.

Then why not take a look at our menu, we try to keep our diet here diverse and
even try out great foods from around the world, with our  5 star kitchen and a
great chef providing top quality meals throughout the day.

Finally if this is the place for you, please don't hesitate to give us a call, or an
email or letter, we look forward to hearing from you.

Oh, don't forget to take a look at our reviews on carehome.co.uk and read our
CQC report.

Thanks for stopping by

Emily George.

Care home Manager.
Emily George
Emily George

Emily is the Care Home manager and more recently become the owner of Triple Trees with her Husband Biju, Together they hope to build on Triple Trees reputation and take it to the next level of excellence and professionalism, she has worked at Triple Trees for around 5 years, and loves her work,


Our Menu
Meet the care team
Rooms and facilities
Contact us
About Us
Please feel free to contact us by:

   or in writing to.
   Mrs. Emily George,
   Tripletrees Care Home,
   70 Ferndale Rd,
   Burgess Hill
   RH15 0HD

   Phone: 01444 243054

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Triple Trees is a home from home establishment with the emphasis being on HOME. With our highly motivated team of careers, housekeeping, Kitchen and management staff we all work as one to provide that home from home atmosphere in the home. Our ethos is based around the  maintenance and promotion of independence, always protecting our residents dignity, privacy and freedom. We encourage our residents to keep their own GP should they wish, though we do have a local GP Practice which we highly  recommend as this does help keep all medical records up to date and in one place, we also like the fact that our visiting GP does make a regular visit (ward round) and this helps the GP get to know our residents on a one to one basis.
We are situated in Burgess Hill which is a typical small countryside town in the heart of West Sussex, 6 miles north of Brighton, Burgess Hill is easily found off the A23 either from London or Brighton area.

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