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Triple Trees Residents Computer App
How to and Policy
By Mark Walder Activities Coordinator.

Thank you for taking the time to read this short instruction manual on how to use the Triple trees Residents App.
Firstly i would like to say that it has been a pleasure putting the app together for the benefit of our residents, because i fell it is important to use
all the tools we have available to us to help make our residents stay with us as comfortable and interesting as possible. I have introduced the app
in line with our program of using modern Technology within the home, though It goes without saying that the app will not be
for everyone as in society in general, not everyone takes to computers, especially our elderly citizens. So there will only be a hand full of individual
residents profiles and a guest one to begin with. That said, everyone will and should be given the opportunity to see if they like the idea,
The app is written in HTML, which is a web based programming language, but as a rule the user and the helper will not need to know about that,
so if you encounter any problems with using it please report them to myself so i can correct any errors or complication which may arise.
The app itself does not need to have the internet to run, this could lead to advertisements being installed on the webpage/browser it is being
viewed on, and that would undoubtedly make things more complicated  than they need to be. It instead has all the files and the program itself
held on the computer or device it is being used on, that is not to say that it needs to be installed either, just copied to that device, this makes for
easier use and also makes so that it can be used on any device which has an internet browser.
There are no personal files or information within the app other than a few or the residents favourite photos, music and videos for them to choose
from, this way there is no danger of any personal information being seen by anyone who does not have permission to see it keeping within the
GDPR 2018 (General Data Protection Regulation) Again if in any doubt please contact me for further information.

How to use the App:
You will probably need to do this for the resident for the most part or until they are able to use the app on their own. 
1. Switch on the device and wait for it to load/boot fully
2. Find the link or folder containing the program files to run the app and open it by
tapping on it or double clicking on it.
3. find the file within the folder called Index and either tap on it or double click on it.
This will depend on the device being used, for an android or ipad it will be a tap, for a
computer it will be a double click.
This will launch the app in to the default web browser and will display the Home page which has a slide show of some of our residents past and
present. above the slide show there will be a welcome note for you to tap or click on.
3. this will open the residents profile page which will have pictures of the residents who have profiles readymade for them to access, there will
also be a guest profile with no face shown. This profile is a test profile for any other resident not having already had a profile made for them and
for new residents to offer them the opportunity to access the app to see if it is something they would like to do in the future. If this is the case that
a new resident would like to use it, or an existing resident changes their mind and decided they might like to give it a go, you would need to let me
know so i can add a new profile to the app for that resident. I am not able to set it for anyone to add a profile because i need to know that the app
remains within the boundaries of the law.
4. Once you have tapped on the face of the resident you want to open their profile this will load their personal profile for them to use, it may be
the case that you have to help them as some of them may not be able to grasp the concept of tapping or touching on a screen, this will most likely
be alien to them as they may well have never encountered it before, so please be patient with them, they may get the hang of it and away they
will go, but for others you will need to do everything for them.
5. you now have 3 choices of activities to do with the resident, each depicted by a round icon showing either a fill/movie icon, one showing a
picture icon and the other showing a music icon, these are self explanatory. Simply ask them what they would like to do, either watch a movie or
sitcom of their choosing, listen to some music of their choosing or look at some personal photos of family and friends, places ect. All this
information will have been researched and compiled by myself in accordance with an individual's personal choices and preferences to each
category available.
6. discuss the options available to them, talk about the movies or music if that is what they have chosen to do, discuss the pictures they have
chosen to look at, help them to remember if they can but never force an issue, if they simply can't remember move on to the next on, remember
this is about them, what they want and what they can do, its about them having fun and enjoying the experience, if need be i can always add new
photos, sitcoms/movies and music for them.
Take the time to enjoy the experience with them if that is what they wish, but remember also that this app is for them and their use, if they are
happy and comfortable with using it themselves please allow them to do so, but be ready to help should they need it, some of the taps and
navigation may seem a little difficult for them to start with. Try to record anything of interest in their care plan or report to me anything i can add
to the app to make it more pleasurable and or fun for them. Remember the Guest app, it has random movies pictures and music on for anyone to
try out should them wish to, but never ever force it, this has to be a personal experience and one which is openly and willingly entered in to.

Mark Walder
Activities Coordinator.